Buttermilk is a drink made from milk, which is used in almost all countries. It is most commonly used in India. How to make buttermilk today? We are going to give information about how to make it today, in this post. Here you can easily understand how to make buttermilk and its usage.

How To Make Buttermilk

It is very easy for how to make buttermilk, many people use different methods to make it, we will tell you here about its simple way by which you can make it through the ingredients available at your home. You do not need many things to make buttermilk at home, for this you need milk, water and white vinegar, which is easily available in all households. After this you will need different materials for different types of buttermilk.



how to make buttermilk

We want to tell you that the packing buttermilk available in the market is thicker than the home made buttermilk. Generally everyone likes to drink thin buttermilk, as it is best for health. We are telling you about the easiest way for how to make buttermilk.

We can make buttermilk in different ways, there are 2 ways to make Sanskrit buttermilk and acidic buttermilk. So you need to understand How To Make Buttermilk. We are going to detail you below for this.

How to make buttermilk using milk and lemon juice.

how to make buttermilk

It is a quick and easy step for how to make buttermilk at home. basically, we need only two or three ingredients like milk and lemon juice or vinegar.

step1- First of all take 1 cup of milk

step2 – Take some 1tablespoon fresh lemon juice or vinegar.

step3 – Put all the ingredients in a measuring cup and mix well 10 to 15 minutes. Whenever it makes thin and let sit for 30 minutes at room temperature.

step4 – If you make buttermilk in summer then you have the choice to take chilled water and some ice cubes.
step 5 – Enjoy your buttermilk is ready.

How to make buttermilk using Yogurt and water.

how to make buttermilk

This is another quick and easiest way for how to make buttermilk at home. So in this method, we need two ingredients first yoghurt and another one is water so let’s start quick steps.

step1 – Take 1 cup plain milk yoghurt.

step2 – Take 1/3 cup of clean water.

step3 – Take a small bowl and put all yoghurt and water and mix up well 5 to 10 minutes until it combined.

step4 – Well done your buttermilk is ready.

{In the upcoming post we will give you how to make buttermilk biscuits, how to make  buttermilk pancakes, substitute for buttermilk and how to make buttermilk doughnuts Like many recipes will tell you, you can comment on us for such other information, we welcome your questions and suggestions.}

Cultured Buttermilk

Cultured buttermilk is one that is normally prepared and does not require any acid. It is produced through bacteria. To make it, you can use yogurt available at home. You can add 10% yogurt to the buttermilk you want to make. It has less fat content, and is healthier.

 The pH of cultured buttermilk is low, if you store it for some time, it becomes thick. You can easily use cultured buttermilk for 2 to 4 days, for this you have to keep its temperature balanced.

Acidic Buttermilk

You do not have yogurt to make buttermilk, so you can prepare acidic buttermilk. We have used cultured buttermilk so far and it is considered the best for health. But over time, foods including acidic buttermilk have changed a lot.

 It is made by adding food-grade acid to milk. After mixing this acid in milk, it produces bacteria, which cause sourness in milk. After pouring it you have to keep the milk for some time.

 Acidic buttermilk is manufactured by companies that make the most milk products. Usually when acid is not available, we can add lemon or vinegar. You get sufficient amount of food-grade acid in lemon which helps you to make buttermilk.

Best Buttermilk Recipes And Types

We are going to tell you here How to make Buttermilk and how you can use it for eating and drinking. In today’s time, everyone likes buttermilk. You can use it according to your taste.

A. Normal Buttermilk

To make a normal buttermilk, you need the least things, you can easily make it in a circle. For this, you have to take milk, water, and a little buttermilk. You can use rock salt with it. First of all you have to add small amount of water to the buttermilk, if buttermilk is not too sour then do not mix it.

 After this, you can add a bit of milk to it using salt as per taste, it enhances the test, mix it well and you can use it after cooling.

B. Masala Buttermilk

Masala Buttermilk is mostly used in hotels, it tastes good. For this you can take fresh buttermilk, use some water and salt as per taste. Now mix it well, for this you use a mixer. In this, add green chilli, coriander powder, finely chopped coriander, a little garam masala, cumin powder and stir it well. It works to clean your stomach.

C. Buttermilk Sambar

We all know sambar, it is a South Indian dish. When sambar is used with buttermilk, it is called buttermilk sambar. For this, all people use different types of buttermilk. This further enhances the sambhar test. Most sambar is served with dosa, idli or chutney, but you can also have it with buttermilk.

D. Cumin Buttermilk

Using cumin buttermilk is considered beneficial for the stomach. It kills stomach gas, as well as strengthens digestion. Cumin buttermilk is mild as well as beneficial. For this, you add cumin seeds in buttermilk. It is used in two ways, firstly you take a little bit of cumin and add it to the buttermilk. And if you don’t like its test, you can grind cumin with salt.

E. Sweet Buttermilk


Sweet Buttermilk is most liked by children, it is most preferred. 2 tablespoons of sugar is used to make a glass of sweet buttermilk. First of all you have to get sugar in buttermilk and stir it till it dissolves well, after that you keep it in freeze to cool and when it cools down then finally add some coriander leaves and use it.

7 Benefits of Buttermilk

We have received all the information about buttermilk, now we are going to tell you the benefits of buttermilk. Which you can see below.

7 - benifits of buttermilk

We have received all the information about buttermilk, now we are going to tell you the benefits of buttermilk. Which you can see below.

1. Dehydration

Everyone has to face the problem of dehydration during the summer time. Anyone can get this problem if there is too much heat or sunlight. For this you can use buttermilk. Buttermilk plays the most important role in dehydration. It contains a mixture of curd and water, which acts as a coolant in the body and protects the body from dehydration.

2. Enough Calcium

Milk contains a lot of calcium, we use milk daily for bones and teeth. Buttermilk is made from ground milk, so Buttermilk is a good source of calcium. It replenishes calcium in the body and makes bones strong. A glass buttermilk contains about 120 mg of calcium. It works with milk but is sufficient.

3. Easy to Digest Food

Buttermilk is often taken after eating, its main reason is that it plays the most important role in digesting food. It easily digests food in the body that does not tolerate lactose. Gradually absorbed into the body, which increases the amount of protein along with strengthening gastritis. The nutrients present in buttermilk help digest food.

4. Balances Blood Pressure

Blood pressure problem is common, it can happen to anyone. Buttermilk is beneficial in balancing blood pressure, it provides coolness to the body as well as increases the amount of blood pressure. Taking a glass of buttermilk, you drink it on an empty stomach. It also removes the odor of your mouth.

5. Helpful in Increasing Appetite

Buttermilk helps in studying hunger. Because it is easy to digest your food, it has astringent properties, which improves digestion. All those who can work hungry or suffer from hunger problem. It removes all digestive disorders such as gastrointestinal diseases including gas problem, indigestion, flatulence, loss of appetite, stomach irritation etc. It is the best home remedy for stomach.

6. Keeps the Body Clean

Buttermilk is a refreshing beverage, due to its intake, the amount of water in the body is balanced. It excretes the bad substances of the body through urine, which cleans the body which keeps the body skin healthy. The physical problem is more during the summer time buttermilk keeps you away from all this.

7. Get vitamins


Buttermilk fulfills the need of vitamins for the body. Buttermilk is available in vitamins, and it is beneficial for the body due to its low in fat. Being a good source of calcium and vitamins, you can consume it with your food.

 Many people believe that it should be used during the day, it should not be included in the food at night. If you take it at night, then keep in mind that you take it 2 hours before sleeping so that it can digest your food easily.

FAQ Based On Buttermilk

Can buttermilk be used in winter?


Most people consume it in excess in the summer time, but many people have a question that can we use buttermilk in winter? Is it right to eat buttermilk in winter or not? We want to tell you that you can use fresh buttermilk anytime.

 It is prepared by mixing it with curd and water. Which does not harm us in any way. In winter, buttermilk kept in freeze should not be consumed in excessive quantity, it can make you sick.

When not to use buttermilk?


  • Do not use too much cold buttermilk.
  • Do not drink buttermilk kept for a long time.
  • Buttermilk should be consumed when cumin powder, black
    pepper, ginger, green chillies, curry leaves etc. are in high quantity.
  • Do not use it while taking any medicine.
  • Sugar patients should not consume sweet buttermilk.

Our Opinion -

Friends Buttermilk is really just milk, which is left after churning the butter. The remaining milk is called buttermilk, which we use in different ways. Most stores use buttermilk made with lactic acid bacteria. We have told you here, How to make buttermilk . Now you can easily make it for yourself at home and use it.

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